Looking for a Sumatran surf adventure at well under half the price of a regular surf charter? The Yak Explorer will take you straight to the best breaks in the uncrowded Banyak islands, a little slice of paradise off the western coast of Sumatra. Local skipper Deny has unparalleled knowledge of the islands and surrounding waters and takes great pleasure in showing off its world-class waves, unspoilt coral reefs and deserted island beaches. ​The region is still entirely undeveloped. If you have a sense of adventure and a disregard for luxury comforts, we’d love to welcome you aboard. Indonesia has been a surfer’s mecca for decades, and the crowds prove it. Paddling for a barrel at world-class breaks like G-land or the Mentawai’s can be a hustle at the best of times.

But Indo is vast, and if you have a bit of time, you can still have perfect barrels almost all to yourself. The Banyak Islands is an archipelago of 99 islands. Only seven of these are inhabited and some are tiny enough to hold just a couple of swaying palm trees. A quintessential picture-postcard island paradise, unspoilt by throngs of tourists or commercial development. To the south you’ll find Nias, with its famous Sorake beach break, and further south still the Mentawais. To the north lies the lesser-known island of Simeulue, in itself a magnet for surfers looking to beat the crowds.  When the waves are cranking you’ll be surfing your pick of six world-class breaks, not to mention finding more off the map when the size/swell direction is right. The snorkelling in the Banyaks will blow your mind with clear water and a healthy diversity of fish, turtles and other marine life. Paddle board off the line-up at sunset, or if fishing is your thing, try your hand at local-style fishing or go after the big guys with your own equipment. Cook up a meal on the beach, Robinson Crusoe-style, if you like, or have our guys prepare it for you. At night there are no bars or restaurants. It's Bintangs and going over the day's spoils, or just doing nothing and letting the islands themselves inspire your thoughts.


the yak explorer

The Yak Explorer is a converted fishing boat rebuilt with surfers in mind. There’s a space to store your boards and all your gear. We get you straight to the waves at dawn and keep keep you fuelled through to sundown. We're not  the luxury package but sometimes the beauty is in the simplicity. We’re taking surfers on a local-style adventure, keeping our footprint light by adding a max of eight surfers to the line up.

In your room you have a choice between aircon and fans. At 20m x 4m there’s tons of space to chill between surfs on the front and back decks –grinding two to three seshies a day while racking up a wave count that rivals just about any place you’ve surfed is hard work. There's a big dining area to escape the heat and enjoy your meals together.

Clean bed, freshwater shower, speedboat, occasional phone signal, clean tiled local-style toilet, coffee, snacks, drinking water, pancakes, square meals – fish, chicken, noodles and other local dishes – first aid kit, full safety equipment, power for all your gadgets, captain and two staff members, music and many good vibes.​

Bad vibes, red meat, wifi, spare towels, menu, guaranteed waves and reliable internet/phone signal. What’s most important to us is that anyone going to the Banyaks has an awesome trip, whether on our boat or not. We aim to offer everything you need for an amazing overall experience. If you love being a part of the adventure we create, then this is the boat for you

the lost boys floating camp

The big reveal for the Lost Boys camp was booked in for our first booked trip on the 5th of May 2020. Alas the pandemic hit and we've chosen to sit tight, allow our first guests of 2021 to help turn the tide. All will be revealed once the experiences have been experienced... This is how we grew our charter boats and so on we continue.




Sick right-hander, very consistent wave in the archipelago, breaks perfectly big and small. Forgiving take off barrel, linking wall into a gnarly hollow second section barrel.


Fast hollow left on mid-size, long drivey walls when big. Provides several sections running to the inside of the reef. Mad dogs will be rewarded on this wave, best served with size.

Treasure Island

One of Indo’s best pointbreak reefs. An easy roll-in leads to the first of up to 4 throwing tube sections linked by ripable, stiff-lipped walls for 200m+. Word class if not Indo's best right point break on its day.


A quality left hander swell magnet, when other spots aren’t firing you can expect long hollow lefts. Look out for another peak across the channel. Insane idyllic beach for getting your toes back in the sand.

Lizards Nest

The notorious Lizards Nest can be sensitive to conditions, caught in the right conditions it produces a special, unbelievable barrel going into double figures. The essence of surfing in Indo's last frontier.


Super easy long friendly left for all types. Long rides with plenty time for putting the combos together. This wave sits between Lolok and Gunters within the bay, 3 waves all viewable from the deck. Paradise.


Easier ripable walling lefts offering up occasional pits along the way. Home to the many protected turtles around the island. Often good when the swell is too small or shallow elsewhere.



Why us? Well if you’re looking for the quick story here are some reasons you may want to board The Yak Explorer. Crowd control - we operate in an area widely voted as one of the last frontiers of Indonesian surfing. We’re a boat, which means we sleep where the waves are, we go wherever, whenever without the limits of the land. Our boat caters for only eight guests, and at 20 meters long x 4.2 meters wide, you have a hell of a lot of space for just you and your mates. We’re affordable - being a converted fishing boat with an all-local team looking after you makes us very well priced. Scroll down for the rest! ​

A 10 day trip will set you back 15 million Indo Rupiah, $1090 USD or $1640 AUD. Our camp (launching May 5th), or camp/boat combo trip prices will follow the same model.​

To enquire about available dates and book your trip on the boat, email us at banyaksurfadventure@gmail.com or reach us through the facebook/Insta pages.​

2021 Trips
05 May – 15 May – Booked full_(RB)
18 May – 28 May – Available
16 June – 26 June – Available
02 July – 12 July – Available
17 July – 27 July – Available
02 August – 14 August – Available
25 August – 04 September – Available
10 September – 20 September – Available
Late season - drop us a line!

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